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10 August 2016 @ 01:35 am
my first english entry - breaking the ice  
First, I don't know what to say here since this is my first English entry. I've been writing on this blog since 2012 and it has never been in English because I felt like my proficiency wasn't very good. Now that I take English classes and also study by myself through books, radio shows, TV shows, etc., in English, I feel more confident to start to write and talk in that language. I can say that I've improved A LOT since I started (about 8 months ago) because my English level was OK but not enough.

I know I still make a lot of mistakes but I don't care. That's how the learning process is! And I want to have more friends here from all over the world, so I'm going to assume that risk.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Isabel, I'm from Venezuela but I'm going to move to Chile in a couple of months. I studied Biology in the university so as you can imagine I'm a scientist! You will realize that I have a lot of life goals and big dreams through this journal. You can add me as friend if you want to read my more private entries :) Moreover, I like to do avatars, icons and other kind of graphics sometimes. That's the other thing you may find here.

And if nobody is reading my journal since this website isn't so popular, I don't mind. This is the perfect place to practive my English writing ~
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